Monday, November 30, 2015

From blazing hot to freezing cold....

Okay well its not "freezing cold" but it's pretty cold up here! 

It gets down to the 40's at night. I know I have experienced a lot colder weather, but after being in over 100 degrees for 5 months my body is not doing so well.

Yucaipa is beautiful! I think everybody should live here! We have fall foliage (did I spell that right?) and apparently we get snow four times a year. There are a lot of elderly people here which really surprises me because it does get cold. I sort of assumed that all the older folks hibernated in Arizona during the winter months... but yes it's great here. 

The ward is about half of the size that my last ward was. But then again pretty much everyone was gone for the holiday this week so I don't know. We are living in a home share with a family called the Palmers. They are wonderful. I made a video tour of where we live, but it didn't work. Apparently President says we can make videos on our IPads as long as they are professional so I made some, but they are struggling to send from my IPad. I will try again next week. Sorry. I took some pictures for you though so hopefully those turned out good.

Man so much is happening. This email may be completely unorganized and out of control, but that's because that's how my brain is right about now. Sister Anderson and I are basically whitewashing because she has only been here for a transfer and it was her first transfer. Oh my goodness she is making my life so much easier though. I can totally tell that she has just thrown herself into the work and has been trying so hard for the past 6 months to learn everything and get to know the area quickly. That has seriously been such a blessing.

Well usually when you go to a new area and you and your companion are both new you go straight to the bishop and ward council. Unfortunately, everyone was gone for turkey day. I did get to meet the Ward Mission Leader last night right when he got home from his vacation. I really miss Brother Budge (my last WML). But this new guy seems pretty good. I'm still just trying to figure out everything so...yeah.

Thanksgiving was great. I don't know if you got my video, but we had it with this Brazilian lady and her family. The Van Horn's. They are super nice. Our investigator didn't have anywhere to go so we brought her with us. I think that was my favorite part; helping someone feel included. I really felt like I was doing what the Savior would want me to and it felt really good. Our investigator is a sweet lady. Hopefully she will get baptized soon. She is progressing. If you could all pray for her that would be great.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you! Sister Magleby served here for 3 months last year right before she got me. The legacy continues :) Of course everyone loves her here so it's just a lot of fun. I am also in President Miskins ward. He is a counselor to my mission president. So that's pretty intimidating. Actually gospel principles was way scary/ tons of fun because he was there and the counselor's in the stake presidency were there filling in for our bishopric that was out of town. We also had an investigator there that Sister Magleby taught. The lesson was on the second coming. It was actually way cool because they all started talking about the first resurrection and I actually learned a lot. So that was way cool.

I'm doing great. My companion is wonderful. Actually Sister Anderson is already one of my favorite companions. She is super sweet and just loves everyone. Super cute. Well I think that's all from me this week. I am doing good and looking forward to serving here. It's a lot smaller and more wealthy than my last area so it will be challenging, but I got the scriptures and preach my gospel and of course the Spirit. All is well. I'm just cold. But I am happy. There is always things to be happy about. Whether it's the beautiful leaves or testifying to a stranger of the Book of Mormon, the small things are what makes me happy. I look at that picture of the pioneer girl skipping down the blue path everyday and remind myself of that.

Love you all! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Everyone is looking so much older. I'm glad to see your smiles.
Have a great week!

Sister Olsen 

Saying goodbye to the Smith family; I worked with them in Fontana.

Our last district meeting in Fontana. Me and Sister Magleby.

My new companion Sister Anderson and I with our friend Carl who was baptized one year ago.

Pictures of my new area Yucaipa; lots of farm land but also has neighborhoods.

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