Monday, December 7, 2015

All Missionaries in the California Redlands Mission are safe

But really though all the missionaries are just fine. There is a family in our ward; the husband was at the shooting and was shot at several times, but no bullets actually hit him. We took him some Christmas cookies, but his wife said he wasn't up for talking which is totally understandable. We are praying for him; there really is only one thing that can heal what he went through- the Atonement. So hopefully we will be able to help him. 

We have also been discussing the shooting in our street contacting. One person accepted to take the lessons after we talked about it and another accepted the invitation to come to church. So hopefully both of those families will progress.

This area is so different from my last one. Fontana seems like a weird dream now. This area is so beautiful and also it's super old. I think that's why I like it. There are horses everywhere and apple farms and all this other exciting stuff. I can't wait to take you here someday. The people here are very interesting... they are mostly pretty wealthy and already have churches that they go to. Street contacting has been a challenge. So we really have to work with the members. I have found though that if you are super bold and loving with the members they help you out. 

We have been meeting some of the members friends and helping the members with their own missionary work, and that has been great. Somehow we have two investigators progressing towards a baptismal date. That is such a blessing. I seriously have no idea how that happened. It's kind of like Juan. But yes. We are just super busy. The sister before me did a TON of less active work so we have been helping a lot of them. I have forgotten how hard it is to go to a new place and get to know 400 new people. It's a work in progress. I have a feeling that I won't be here for very long and by the time I get to know everyone I will be transferred. But that's okay. I will just work hard everyday and see what happens.

This will make dad happy; a member in our zone teaches self defense classes. He teaches the sister missionaries in the zone on Mondays for free. That's actually why I am emailing a little later today than I usually do. It was so fun! I think I might actually be able to beat Taylor up when I come home! It's way fun and it's good exercise. 

We were seriously so busy this week and I don't even remember what happened... All I remember is we talked to a ton of people that I don't even know, helped members with missionary work, and totally crashed every single night. Seriously though last night I don't even remember putting myself in bed I was so tired. Being a missionary is definitely exhausting I will tell you that much.
Here's the thing; the longer I am out, the weaker I feel. The older missionaries keep telling me that's a good thing because it means I am getting closer to the Savior....but I don't know.... I still feel like I just got here. I really thought I would be an expert by now, but I am still learning everyday and relying on the Spirit 300% of the time. I definitely have a testimony of the power of prayer I can tell you that much.

Well family, sorry this is short, but I am having a really hard time remembering the week. Just know we are safe and trying our hardest to do what Heavenly Father wants us to do. Hopefully we are succeeding in that, but we definitely have a long ways to go! 
Love you all! Missionary challenge: Invite someone to church this week! Blessings will come of it!

Your Missionary,
Sister Olsen

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