Monday, November 9, 2015

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Hi family!

I am running out of clever subject titles for my weekly emails. I still have a ton to write soooo that's not good!

It looks like it was another wonderful week in good old Tennessee. Glad to see that! Everyone looks great and happy which makes me happy!

This week was very very interesting. Being senior companion has been a very interesting adjustment. Taking the lead in everything has definitely been stretching me. Which is good! I can definitely feel the weight of my calling. But it's good for me. 

Guess who was my companion for a whole day? SISTER MAGLEBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! She is our STL this transfer!!!! So we got to go on an exchange.............and I just realized I didn't take a picture...........dang it. She said we were going to go on another one so I will take one then :) I can totally picture Elder Bednar seeing my face and everything to decide where I was going to serve my mission. I can almost hear him saying, "Sister Olsen's companion is in Redlands, California." I wouldn't be surprised at all if THE main reason I came here was so Sister Magleby could train me. I sure love that lady.

The week started out really, really rough but seriously ended in so many miracles. We have really been working hard on finding through members and we did!!! We got a new investigator! She is living with a family that got baptized about 5 years ago and recently moved into the ward. We had no idea that they had a non member living with them, but during nightly planning their names came to mind. We visited them and they came to church yesterday. We are excited to work with their family.

We also talked with a lot of members about friends they are working with. We set goals with the members to introduce us to their friends. So there are more new investigators to come! 

We are also seeing the blessings of talking with everyone and always asking for referrals. We visited a former investigator to ask for a referral and she sent us to her neighbor across the street. We didn't get to go inside and teach a lesson because his wife wasn't home, but we talked to him outside about the Restoration for a while and was totally interested! Also he showed us his garage. We just peered in again because his wife wasn't home. His garage is basically the coolest thing ever. He is a Tai-Chi master and his garage is FULL of martial arts stuff. Again I didn't take a picture. I'm an idiot. Also he has two really old Chevy's that are probably the coolest cars I have ever seen. I jokingly asked him if he has met Mr. Mayagi (I butchered that but the master in Karate Kid) and he actually has met him. And Jackie Chan. He had some awesome pictures and lots of very impressive stuff. Anyway. The coolest part was he was interested in the gospel.

We met a lot of cool people this week that we will hopefully be working with next week. I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father. I don't love grocery shopping, but unfortunately we are running late and we have to go do that now. Love you all so much! Have an awesome week :)

Love, Sister Olsen

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