Monday, May 30, 2016


Hi family.
For some reason it is a real struggle to email today. I keep getting distracted and laughing with my roommates. We are emailing at the family history center today because it's memorial day and all the libraries are closed. Sister Jensen doesn't have her Ipad yet and I just hate emailing on the Ipad anyway because it takes a million years.

This week was pretty great. Sister Jensen is still adjusting to missionary life, but heck, aren't we all still adjusting to missionary life? Except for me. I am still trying to accept the fact that my mission is ending. This week I got all the information for my departing stuff in the mail. (That's the only letter I have received in a while. Shows how long I have been a missionary...) I didn't realize what it was until I opened it; after which I immediately screamed "NO!", threw it on the floor, and then proceeded to run and hide in the outside closet. So that is my life right now. The elders decided it was a good idea to tell everyone in the ward that I only have one transfer left... I was doing such a good job at keeping it a secret! Curses!

I have discovered what makes Sister Jensen happy- Mountain Dew. Man she slurped the mountain dew slurpee right up and was so excited to go out and work! I am now making her drink one everyday. She really is doing well though. I am impressed that I can tell she misses home a lot, but she still gets up and works hard. She is probably the most helpful new missionary I have had. She just wants to get everything done which is really awesome.

We have had to find a lot. We have been getting referrals which is really good. Our roommates investigator moved into our ward boundaries. Don't worry because I had no idea, but I felt prompted to go to this former investigator's house at 8:30 and she was there! She was telling us how much she loved Sister Fife and I said,"NO way! We totally live with her!!!!" So that was pretty cool.

Crystal is doing so so awesome! We have almost finished teaching her all of the lessons and she is definitely getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!! Our mission president interviewed her for baptism yesterday. Her husband, brother, and son have all been coming to church. I am pretty sure we are going to have about 50 baptisms this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Also I don't really even remember most of the week at this moment because this week just flew by so fast. Okay I love you family! Have a great week!

OH wait! I wanted to write about the Hallens this week! That's the Ute family that I just love so much. We have been doing member missionary work with them and they have a family for us to teach about the gospel! I flipping love teaching people about the gospel! Holy cow I am such a weirdo. Sister Jensen actually did a dating role play with me because I am so awkward and need some serious help. Let's just say it didn't go so well....

Alright I am going to send y'all some pictures now! Love yoU!

With love from your missionary, 

Sister Olsen

Getting Sister Jensen a Mountain Dew :)

Cafe Rio from pday last week!

Everything in Redlands is fancy. Even the Circle K. Check out that water fall! All the customers are waiting under their tent for their cars to be done at the fancy car wash in the back.

The snails getting the last of the oranges :(

Cool painting from a member in our Ward.

New thank you notes, white board style

Pictures from transfers that I forgot to send

Monday, May 23, 2016

One word: Training

Hello Family! 

Transfers have come and gone and Sister Osborne got sent to the desert! I feel bad because most of my roommates and companions have gone to the desert after they have had me...

Sister Jensen is my companion and she is so stinking cute! She is from Oregon. She is just a little fire ball! I love her! It is such a blessing that she is my companion because she has a lot of input and know how which is so helpful. I am very impressed by her ability and desire to learn. Especially because she is so new. 

Here are some miracles of the week-
Last night, I really tried hard to teach my companion the importance of prayer when you plan. So we prayed about our goals, where we were going to go, and who we were going to see. We ended up being able to teach three people about the gospel that night and will be returning to teach them more lessons.

So many good things are happening in our area and I am so blessed to be here. I love serving by the temple and I know that Heavenly Father is preparing people! Have a great week!

Love, Your missionary,
Sister Olsen

My New Companion! Meet Sister Jensen from Oregon!

These are the Allreds! They work in the office and are finishing their mission next week! I will miss them!
This is the drive to Anglus Oaks and some cool houses up there

Here is a cute dog we saw at a potential investigators house that lives up in Anglus Oaks!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Cool Miracles

What a week!!! So much happened!!! So much!! We had six investigators at church today! So exciting!

Tina's baptism was awesome! Sister Buswell came back from it. If you go back far enough, you might see pictures of her from the July MLC. She's super funny. She was in Millcreek Ward for like 9 months or something crazy like that. She's was an awesome missionary. Went home the same time as Sister Shin.

Here's a cool miracle for the week- It was about 8 at night and starting to get dark. We work until 9 and didn't have any appointments scheduled for the night. Sister Osborne wanted to stop visiting people and do thank you cards, but something inside me told me to visit more people. It's kind of hard to find people to teach when you are just dropping off thank you notes. We were driving around trying to find this one house, but we couldn't. I felt like we should stop the car and figure out where we needed to be. This potential investigator we had on the back up plans that I had never actually met before, stuck out to me. So we went to their house. I pulled up right in front. She didn't answer the door. I felt that we needed to stay in the area so that we would be led to prepared people. We tried a media referral that lives across the street. No answer. So we tried their neighbor. He wasn't interested, but super nice and referred us to his neighbor who recently moved in. That neighbor didn't answer. At this point my companion was getting pretty impatient with me so we headed back for the car. Right when we were going to leave, a car pulled up behind us. Something told me to go talk to them. So I did and it was a former investigator! We set a return appointment and taught him and his friend about the gospel the next night! It was so exciting!

A lot of cool things happened this week, but I just can't remember. It's so hard to remember all these things! Crystal is still getting baptized soon and is progressing really well. Transfers are on Wednesday. We won't know what's happening until tomorrow, but I am assuming we are both staying another transfer.

Love you all! Hope you have a splendid week.

Sister Olsen

A picture with our new friend Dawg. She's the cutest!
Serious tail wagging; she loves me :) 

This is he Hallen family. You can't see Brother Hallen's tie because his daughter is blocking it. But we get along pretty good 🙌🤘

Tina's baptism photos- our Ward mission leader baptized her (Brother Woodland). 

Sister Buswell is the sister with glasses. She went home with Sister Shin. She was an STL the same time as me. It was fun to see her again.
Basically that sweet potato right there changed my life. Tongan food is probably what we will all be eating in heaven.

Service picture with the stake president's daughters and their friend at the Redland's community day of service.

Monday, May 9, 2016

I Don't Want This to End

Hi mom. I am the worst missionary ever because I ran out of time to write an email for the blog post. I got distracted because we were playing Telestrations. I literally died laughing. I forgot how much I love that game. We need to play that when I come home.

This week was really good. I did love talking to you all, but I am really, really sad for my mission to be ending. I really love being a missionary. I really hope you and dad serve a proselyting mission someday so you can feel the calling of a missionary. It is so wonderful. I just feel the Spirit all the time and I never want to do anything that would take the Spirit away. Nothing.

We took these pictures and we are going to print them off for our members as thank you notes.

We attempted to make a watermelon cake of R2D2 for May the 4th be with you. It was a terrible failure......

We played homemade telestrations today with our roommates for P-day. I laughed so hard I was literally dying. I am the purple ink pen.

View of the temple and the orange groves 

My companion ROCKS!!!

Candid Selfie I didn't know was happening....

Where I get to spend a lot of my time. I can't believe how blessed I am to be so near the temple.

These cute little libraries are everywhere, so I decided to put a Book of Mormon in one. Why not??