Monday, October 5, 2015


Hello everyone!

Right now we are doing laundry at Sister McEwans aka my bff. This week was pretty great. I really loved general conference. I bet everyone is doing ponderize... But I really liked it. This week I am ponderizing 2nd Nephi 32:9. I need to be better at praying always. I know my life would be a lot easier if I did... But really everyone's would be.

This week was really busy because we are preparing for Ron's baptism. His wife Wanda, got baptized in February. They will be sealed next year! I am so excited for them! We are having another baptism October 25th. And president has challenged us to have baptisms in November and December. He called it "a November and December to remember." No idea who we are going to baptize, but I have been praying every day that it will happen. I know that I can pray all I want, but it will only happen if I act and work my hardest. 

In the middle of conference sessions on Sunday, the Tongans gave us a ton of food. They made some pretty interesting dishes. The best was this fruit yogurt salad. It had pomegranate seeds in it. 

Nothing really too exciting happened this week. We just talk to people all the time. Most of them aren't interested so I just try to make them feel really good about themselves. We had a really great lesson with Gayle this week! We brought the Relief Society President and it was great! She really wants to get baptized, but she is really struggling with her knee. She hasn't been able to have the surgery yet. She is so awesome. Please keep her in your prayers. 

Time just keeps going faster and faster. This is the last week of Sister Shin's mission. I can't believe we have been companions for almost 5 months. I'm really going to miss her and I know this week is just going to fly. I am really nervous about getting a new companion because I haven't had a new one in so long, but I know everything that happens is Heavenly Father's will. The longer I serve, the more confidence I feel in saying that. Everything happens for a reason. I know that He works in the details of our lives. Life is hard, but if we do it the Lord's way and really have faith and rely on Him, everything will work out just fine.

Love you all and have a good week!

Sister Olsen

These are my ward mission leader's kids. AKA my bffs. 

Here are some wonderful pictures of my district. Someone sent us a bunch of food. There were some spaghettios in there that I was pretty excited about.

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  1. I was up late pondering and came upon this scripture in Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose" Then I read your blog and thought "Hey! Sister Olsen is talking about what I just read!" Coincidence? I think not! Keep working hard. You are amazing!