Monday, October 12, 2015

Sayonara Sister Shin!!

Hello my friends!

This week has literally been the craziest and most hectic week of my life. With Ron's baptism and helping Sister Shin prepare to leave, I was busy! The departing missionaries get to go to a temple trip and they have a departing devotional that their companions don't get to go to, so for two days I had to find members to be my companion. That was very crazy. 

Ron's baptism was probably the most spiritual experience I have ever had in my entire life. At Juan's baptism I mostly felt pure joy and was just super excited, but at this baptism the spirit seriously hit me like a boulder. Ron and Wanda are both loved so much by everyone in the Ward. They are really special people. They have really touched the whole Ward. I think this has been an experience that the Ward needed. Wanda's personal trainer, Sister Jorgensen, is in the Ward so that is how she got introduced to the gospel. She was baptized in February. She is the strongest convert I have ever seen in my life. Ron took a while to ease into it. But what helped him was brother Ron Hatch. He became his friend and as a result, Ron joined the church. I really think that shows how important it is to befriend everyone. You never know how your friendship could impact someone's life. So the talks at the baptism were really good. That really invited the spirit. Two people in the Ward that are good friends with Ron and Wanda spoke. After the ordinance while we were waiting for the Rons to get dressed, sister shin and I taught the message of the restoration. Holy cow. Everyone was crying. It was seriously so powerful and I knew that it wasn't anything that I was saying or what she was saying. We really just let the spirit take over and it was amazing. 

Sister Shin had her departing interview with President Van Cott. We showed up and he told me he was going to interview me to. That totally surprised me. My interview was really good. I know that President Van Cott is led by Heavenly Father and that's really comforting to me. I know that wherever I am at transfers is where Heavenly Father is putting me. I was really afraid because I have been in the same area for six months and I have been with my companion for almost five, so I haven't experienced change in a really long time. As you all know, I'm not too good with change. But he totally put me at complete ease. He is always telling me how much he trusts me. That is seriously so comforting. I really love my mission president. 

I will find out what happens with transfers tonight. The longer I am on my mission the weaker I feel. Apparently all the missionaries say that's a good thing. I guess the weaker you feel the closer you are to Heavenly Father. Well. I feel pretty dang weak. I have never relied on Christ and the Atonement so much in my whole life. I really feel so uncomfortable. I think that's good though because if we are comfortable then we aren't progressing. Good news is some how I still feel super happy and blessed and I still love representing Jesus Christ in all that I do.

Love you everyone! Have a great week :)

Love, sister Olsen 

That picture on the package of the camel in a pumpkin patch was hilarious. We all got a pretty good laugh out of that!

We were dropping something off at our relief society presidents house and there were just some baby deer chilling right across the street! Crazy!

 Our awesome pull through parking. Missionaries have to back each other out so we all try to just pull through so no one has to back. I thought it was pretty funny..but maybe you have to be a missionary to appreciate that.

This is our district. Sister shin and I were the only companionship not training. The majority of all those missionaries are brand new. This was seriously my favorite district so far. Those elders are hilarious!
Ron's baptism. It was so wonderful!
 A California sunset. I thought you would appreciate it.

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