Monday, September 28, 2015

Who's excited for General Conference?!?!?!?!


Saturday was awesome so I can only imagine it's going to be a great one! I think it's pretty awesome that three new apostles are getting called while I'm on my mission. I'm just so excited! Conference is always a great time to repent. Well, everyday is a great time to repent... but you know what I mean. Like last time, I invite all of you to prepare a question and sincerely pray before this weekend. It really makes conference a whole lot more meaningful.

Well don't worry because it took me almost the whole time to load the pictures. So sorry if this email is terrible. But at least you got some good pictures! I know I owed you all some so there ya go. Now I'm all flustered because I'm almost out of time, but I want to make this a good email!

It's always so hard for me to remember what happened the past week. Luckily I have kept a good journal! Every night before we go in, I have been writing my favorite part of the day in the little calendar that Adam and Hollie gave me at the very beginning of my mission. It's come quite in handy!

I keep having these weird epiphanies lately. Yesterday when we were taking the sacrament, I looked up and looked all around me and thought to myself, "oh yeah! I don't actually live here!" I think I have been in this ward far too long because I really feel like it's home. I have now lived here longer than I lived in Collierville with you all. So that's weird.

My mission really is just flying right before my eyes. Everyday I wake up and thank Heavenly Father that I get to be a missionary. It's really awesome. I love talking with people. I love sharing the Book of Mormon with others. We have given away several Book of Mormons lately. I really hope and pray that every one we give away gets read and changes someone's life.

Something that our mission president emphasizes all the time is GREAT Faith and MIGHTY Prayer. What's the difference between that and just Faith and Prayer? Well, lately I have really started to noticed a difference when I just go through the motions and say a prayer than when I actually kneel down and plead with the Lord. I think there are a lot of people that don't recognize answers to prayers. I know that it is often difficult for me to recognize an answer. Sometimes it can be hard to have complete faith in someone that you can't see. Heavenly Father wants to bless us so badly, but he only can if we get down on our knees and truly plead with Him. If you really are doing that than it isn't hard to have faith. He will make our weakness our strengths. I know that He is there and that He loves all of us. I KNOW that! 

Anyway, sorry this is a short email. My brain really is fried at the moment. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I am very grateful to have such an awesome family that loves me so much. You're the best!

Sister Olsen 

We went on a hike to Crestline about three weeks ago. These are some pictures we took on that hike.

Sister Huff and I walking in our area.
Sister Shin and I with the awesome McEwan family! Love them!
This sweet lady is Gayle, one of our amazing investigators. I love her; she's such a sweetheart!
I made a rockin' birthday card for one of our investigators. When he sees that, he will totally want to be baptized!!

Pictures from our hike up Zanja Peak with President and Sister Vancott. Sister Vancott has the pink sweatshirt. She looks like one of us!

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