Monday, August 10, 2015

The Fastest Week of My Life!!!!!

Hello my lovely family!

This week has gone by super fast and I really don't remember much..... Good thing I write in my journal! But really though my lack of memory skills is really kind of scaring me a little bit....

This week one of our investigators got a beautiful blessing from two recent converts. The one who gave the blessing got baptized last September and just recently got the priesthood. He gave a blessing for the first time and it was really awesome! We all cried and you could really feel the spirit.

Sacrament meeting rocked this week. We heard from our very own Sister Shin! She did a really good job. Then Diane Carrasco talked. She just got back from a mission from Argentina. Then bishop called up a sister who's son just left for his mission today to bear her testimony at the end. I cried. She was talking about her own missionaries and how they influenced her whole family. Now her son is going on a mission. That was something I really needed to hear. I will never know everything that I did and all the people I helped until after this life is over. Sometimes I get discouraged because not a lot is happening in our area. But we are getting new investigators and the Ward members are really being strengthened. 

Remember when I used to say I hated people in general? Not anymore! I REALLY LOVE people. Especially these awesome peeps in my Ward. (Well I'm distracted yet again because I'm getting a pedicure from Sister McEwan again.....) But please know how happy I am. I have a wonderful companion and a wonderful Ward. I'm learning so much from the experiences I'm having. I'm learning how to fulfill callings and be a good mom and all these other wonderful things. I really love my mission.

In other news, we are getting a two week missionary tomorrow. So we are going to be a trio for two weeks. Also we had MLC (missionary leadership conference) this week. All the STLs and ZLs go to it once a month. (Side note- we saw a USU license plate on the freeway on the way there and it made me really really happy.) But I made a comment about goal setting and President and Sister Van Cott were both very impressed. Usually I feel really awkward at MLC because I'm the youngest one there...but this time it was really good! So that also made me really happy. Yay for happiness! Well that's about it this week. I love all of you! Enjoy the first
week of school:) 
You're all going to rock it!


These ladies are like my moms in the ward. They take very good care of me and I love them very much. Sister Stoddard is in the red and Sister McEwan is in the black. Sister McEwan is the one who always gives us pedicures. They are both awesome!

Here are some pictures of the RS activity we had on Saturday. We made 450 pillowcases for kids with cancer. It was a lot of fun!

Sewing with Sister McEwan

When you sent me this postcard of route 66
I laughed because we drive

past Route 66 every single day. It is right by our apartment complex.

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