Monday, August 3, 2015


Seriously though! Time is going by so fast! 

This morning on our way to the library, I was really trying to think about what I was going to email you all about and I really couldn't remember the week! I feel like it just flew by!
Sister Shin and I had a great week! We realized this week that we have 4 potential baptisms this month!

We found a part-member family which is always super exciting. They fed us dinner! Chicken street tacos. Delicious. But we had a lesson, too and it was so good! The mom is a member. Her mom is a convert and she lives in Arizona. We taught them the Restoration and the two middle kids really want to be baptized! (The youngest is 2). They have come to church two weeks in a row. If you could all pray for them that would rock. They are such an awesome family.

Every week in RS the person who is conducting asks who has had a missionary moment. It used to be really awkward and quiet, but now more people have experiences and it's really cool. Usually they have to do with us and when they saw us.... but that's okay! I really love this ward so much. Seriously SO much! The people here are really awesome and they are all trying to be good member missionaries. We are developing good relationships with them and I just love every minute of it.

Something that Sister Shin and I have been studying a lot is humility and judgement. This is something I have been struggling with my whole life. Today in comp study we talked to each other about how people who feel like they are being judged are usually judging others. We also talked about how pride is very worldly. It's prideful to think of yourself as diminished when something good happens to someone else. AKA jealousy. And then I said, "well Sister. That's my life." Every single person should just have confidence that God loves them. That's always something that I thought I had, but I guess I didn't, because when we truly know that, nothing else that anyone does or says really matters. I really just don't understand why trying to be like Jesus is so dog-on hard!

So that's really been what I have been working on this week, and really what I am going to be working on for the rest of my life. Heavenly Father is blessing us everyday. It's so important to just notice the little things and be so grateful for them. Everyone is trying hard and doing their best so I just need to love them for that and build them up.

I love you all very much and hope you had a good week! Thank you so much for sending me all those pictures! AND THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE! Those skirts are AWESOME!!!!! They are very light weight and breezy. Also I love the socks. I can just wear the dream team on my feet everyday. Hooray! I am so grateful that I have such an awesome family that loves me even though I struggle and I am very far from perfect. Thanks for loving me so much! You guys are the best!

Sister Olsen 

Finally! Someone spelled my name right!

Love my companion Sister Shin!

Keeping busy!

Thanks for the awesome package!!


  1. but, your first name is now "Sister", not "Ashlee". :D

    1. I wonder if you can find a coke bottle with "sister" on it??