Monday, August 17, 2015

Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms, and Ned Nederlander


One day we were walking and Sister Shin said we were the three amigos, so I tried telling them that Sister Shin was like Lucky Day and Sister Huff was like Ned Nederlander and I was Dusty Bottoms, but they didn't know anything about that......Don't worry. I'm making Sister Shin watch it when she gets home.

Speaking of the three amigos... we had dinner with the Bourgeous family last night. We talked about the Bronsons and I told them that I really like Kelly. So that was a nice conversation. But Brother Bourgeous said we were the three amigos too, and then started doing impressions of El Guapo talking about sweaters. I laughed so hard I about wet my pants. They are such an awesome family!

Wow I just jumped right into this haha. Hi family! How are you!

The two week missionary we got is awesome! Her name is Sister Huff and she looks like a cute little American Girl Doll. OH SHOOT I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES THIS WEEK. I JUST REALIZED THAT! I'm so sorry! But she is literally the nicest girl I have ever met in my whole life. She's like Lark Sine nice. And she just talks to every single person about the Book of Mormon and it's adorable. She has instilled some more greenie fire into my soul. I need that.

I am learning a lot from her. But I also see how much I have grown. I used to get so nervous to talk to people or teach lessons because I was worried that I was going to say something stupid or mess up. But I realized that it's really not my job to convince people or to convert them. When I talk to someone, all I can do is share my testimony of what I know to be true. Everyone has their own agency. If they don't want to choose to believe or do things to help them come closer to Christ, there is really nothing I can do for them. All I can do is bear testimony of what I know to be true. And you know what? It makes teaching people who actually are teachable and ready for the gospel so much sweeter.

For example, Juan. We are teaching him the new member discussions. This week we talked about tithing and the word of wisdom. He loves tithing. He lives it 100% and can see the blessings from it. You know what he said to me? Yesterday he said, "I am so grateful that you taught me how I can experience the kind of joy and happiness that I am experiencing now." I said, "No Juan. I didn't do that. The Spirit did. All I did was decide to go on a mission." He said, "But you did come on a mission. That wasn't any easy decision. You are here and I am grateful that you are."
Yup. I cried. He is so awesome and doing so many good things! He always prays for missionary experiences and I have never seen him happier.

Well everyday is going by faster and faster. Everyday I feel like the second I wake up the second it's time for dinner and then it's bed time and then I go to sleep and the second I do that I wake up again. That sentence was not structured well at all, but you get the idea. The days are flying by. 

I love this ward. Transfers are coming up in a few weeks and I think I will probably leave because this is my third transfer here. I'm really going to miss it a lot. I have grown to love my ward so much! I love all the people here and I really just love being a missionary.
Love you all! Hope you have a good week!



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