Monday, June 27, 2016

New mission president+new apartment +new companions+new district+new transfer= CLEAN SLATE

Hi family.

How the heck are ya?

Not going to lie, this week was pretty crazy and stressful and weird and AHHH! 

So what happened with transfers was the A.P.'s called us on Sunday night to tell us Sister Jensen was getting transferred and that I was getting a new missionary. I was pretty upset to be honest. My prediction with transfers was this- We were living with the sisters in Smiley Ward (mission president's Ward). Since we were already living with them I thought they were just going to stick me in a trio with them. I was all for that because I thought it would be super cool to be in Smiley Ward for the new mission president's first transfer. Also I really love those sisters. A lot of our investigators dropped us and our teaching pool shrank. So since we weren't teaching and there is already elders in our Ward, I thought for sure they would just take sisters out of Millcreek. 

On top of that, they switched our apartments. I will probably spend my entire pday cleaning. (we were moved into an apartment some Elder's lived in. Don't need to expound on that...)

So I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. But then on Monday night I got Sister Reil. Oh my gosh she is so awesome! She is from Alberta, Canada and she is so funny. She makes us laugh all the time. She is such a hard worker and one of the most obedient missionaries I have ever met.

On Tuesday morning we went to district meeting as normal. But president did transfers on Tuesday afternoon this time instead of Wednesday morning. They moved out of the mission home this week so it could be cleaned and all ready for the Dixons. They were staying at a member's home and didn't have anywhere for the new missionaries to sleep on Tuesday night, so they had to do the new training meeting right after the new missionaries got here. 

Poor Sister Christiansen (my second companion) woke up at 2 am and got here in the morning, had brunch with the Van Cotts and then met us at the training meeting. Usually the new missionary training meetings are from 9 am to 3 or 4 pm. This one was from 1:30 pm to 5 pm. That is nothing! We usually get all this instruction about how to train a new missionary and ZIP. Only three English sisters came in this transfer. So there were 7 of us in the meeting. Sister Gunn who was in the MTC with me is training and also the sister that Sister Magleby trained after me is training. Sister Gunn has pretty much been training her whole mission.

Anyway so we all sat down with the Van Cotts and he asked us what we needed to go over. So a lot of the training in the meeting was actually done by us. He basically sat us down and said how much he trusted us and that we could do it.

All weekend I was being a brat and thinking all these negative thoughts about the changes that were happening and complaining internally and to my roommates. As we were sitting in this meeting it hit me how dumb I was and how many mistakes that I make. I felt terrible.

I do not understand how or why Heavenly Father trusts me to train all of these new missionaries. I have trained 6 missionaries! What the heck is the man up stairs thinking?! I am a pretty average missionary. I haven't taught a whole lot on my mission. I've only had about 6 baptisms my whole mission. Some of them in past areas are already less active. I feel like I make more mistakes than I do good things.

But sitting in that room, I felt the Spirit so strong. I knew that with this last, fresh transfer that everything I had done I had been forgiven of. I have never felt so weak as I have on my mission. I have been humbled beyond measure. This has to be the Lord's work. There is no way that a bunch of gross stinky teenaged boys and self centered dramatic young women could do this without some sort of higher power. No way at all. Heavenly Father wants all of his children to hear the gospel.

I know that Jesus Christ died for us. We would not be able to make it back and live with our Heavenly Father without his help. Not a chance. He is so, so merciful. I'm going to attach the Mediator video and suggest that you all watch it because it explains clearly why we need the Savior. It explains how I have felt this past week. I love my Savior more than anything. I can't even begin to comprehend all that he has done for me.

Anyway. Sister Christiansen is super cute. She's from highland Utah. I like her a lot. I think the trio will see much success. Watch out Mentone!

Love you all! Sorry this is so long. I didn't have any emails so I had to do something while my new companion was responding to 30 people :). I hope you all have a wonderful week. I can't wait to write about all the miracles we are going to see this next week!

Love your missionary,

Sister Olsen

Look out Mentone!!

The Trio: Sister Christiansen, Sister Reil and Me

District Photo: The Elders, an awkward space, and the Sisters

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