Monday, March 28, 2016

No Sugar Added

I have a few emails to respond to so I am just going to send this big one really quick. This week seriously flew by faster than any other week. This is the last week of our 7 week transfer. I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. No clue. I only have two transfers left now so I feel like if I stay this next one and finish Sister Ashcraft's training I will probably be here for the rest of my mission. That's a long time folks! That would be 8 months in Yucaipa! But I don't think they would transfer me and leave Sister Ashcraft here. So no clue. I guess we will find out next week!

Anway, what even happened this week? It's getting hard to remember! The whole thing is just blending together!

Oh yes. I added the subject as "no sugar added." I am sure you are wondering why that is. Well our investigator is really having a hard time giving up her word of wisdom addictions. There is a study in preach my gospel that suggests to give up one of your own addictions so you can understand what your investigators are going through. Sister Ashcraft and I have decided to completely give up dessert and treats to help our investigator. We have only gone a few days so I am still going pretty strong. Actually, I have tried giving up sugar before on my mission, but it has been super hard because anyone and everyone give us junk food pretty much everyday. But with a purpose behind it, it's a lot easier. In fact, after the women's broadcast (which I hope everyone enjoyed because I know I super felt the Spirit!!) they had cookie ice cream sandwiches and it was pretty easy for me to say no thanks.


I just put that in caps to add emphasis that I don't need treats :)

Miracle of the week:
Pretty much our entire ward council was out of town for the Easter weekend; including all 6 of the high priest and elders quorum folks.
We got a call at the beginning of the week from the Relief Society in the Upland 2nd ward (for those of you who do not know where that is, it is just outside the mission very close to my last area in Fontana). She told us that there was a less active sister that is trying to come back to church moving into our ward on Saturday.

We literally called probably 25 people and everyone was out of town.

So I had a mini panic attack, prayed for help, and the next 5 people I thought of to call could all come! So it turned out great! This sister even had three of her friends come that were not members. Two of them were married and very active in another church, but they were super impressed with our members and had a ton of questions about the church. The other guy was single and said he had taken the missionary discussions before, but because of how impressed he was with these members being so kind and willing to serve, he said he was going to take them again! (He lives in Nevada so we won't be teaching him.) Not to mention another investigator came. And Brother Francis (a member) was bearing his testimony while lifting heavy boxes and talking about his mission like a boss. 

Then on Sunday I was a little sad because all our investigators couldn't come to church because they were either working or out of town for Easter. But don't worry because one of our neighbors that actually lives across the street from a family that helped with the move just showed up to church! What! Who just shows up to church?! It was awesome.

Okay my fingers are starting to hurt so I am going to end it here. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!
The church is still as true as it was last week :)

Love, Your Missionary,

Sister Olsen

Our Easter treats! We put the passalong cards in the Easter eggs

This is Sister Jean Jeffery. She had us for an Easter dinner last week (not actually on Easter. We spent Easter with a different family.) But she worked so hard on the meal and gave us such a cute card. Definitely one of my favorite mission memories.

Photo shoot in the Palmer's backyard. Enjoy.

This was the last treat I had before I stopped eating treats. Super sad.

This is Webster- a.k.a. the floppiest cat I have ever seen. We made him a little angry I think. I call him "The Floppy One"

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