Monday, March 21, 2016

Another week, another email...

Well people, Taylor and Tara both had great questions for me so I used all my email time on them. Sorry! I'm out of time, but here are some pictures of the week :)

St Patrick's day goodies

Look! We helped feed some homeless people! Yay! Sister Ashcraft and I were at the end of the assembly line and tied all those bags ourselves.

Yes, I am aware my Book of Mormon is upside down.....

We went to a member's house, but they weren't home. We liked their wisteria so we just took some pictures by it.

Remember that Strawberry Shortcake video we had about Strawberry Shortcake going to the Big Apple City???! We were volunteering at the Yucaipa History Museum and they had this game board in the 50's to 60's exhibit! I was elated!
This is from when Sister Van Cott came out with us last Saturday.

This cute little gal grabbed my hair and said
"look! I'm a blonde missionary!" I thought it was cute.

Sister Ashcraft snook a picture of me when I was trying to understand how Ammon baptized thousands of people.

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