Monday, April 4, 2016

Repentance is Real

Dear Family,

I was going to pull an April Fools prank on you, but I am too lazy... Remember last year when I told you I was going to speak Spanish? This year I was going to tell you that I was extending my mission and I was going to put a lot of effort into making it seem real, but too much happened this week that I need to write about. So there's that. No sugar is still going strong, but our investigator is still struggling. Prayers would be appreciated.

This week has been super weird for me. I have never been so grateful for the Atonement in my whole life. My weaknesses have been shown to me. I keep thinking about the Savior. Despite my weaknesses and all the things that I do wrong, he still loves me. He is so, so patient with me and will always forgive me when I come to him.

I keep thinking about the man that had a huge debt that was forgiven him, but he couldn't forget the small debt of his servant. I get so annoyed with people for making mistakes. Even when I am driving or at church, all these small little things bother me. I have been so humbled by the Savior's example and that he always forgives me of my mistakes, so I should always forgive others.

I have also been thinking about how the Savior is the ultimate example of self control. When he was suffering excruciating pain beyond all comprehension, he could have stopped it, but he didn't. He has all the power in the universe and could have done anything. He CHOSE to suffer for our sins. If the Savior could have that kind of self control, then I should be able to, too.

This week we were having a really rough day. I literally went into the closet and prayed and prayed to God. All of my weaknesses were shown to me and it was very clear of the things I was doing that I needed to change. So I did. I literally came out of the closet talked to my companion and ACTED. The scripture in Mosiah Chapter 2 is SO TRUE when it says the Lord will "IMMEDIATELY" bless us when we obey his commandments. Less than 24 hours later from when we showed the Lord we were serious about our plan, we found 3 new investigators. MIRACLES happen when we obey the commandments with EXACTNESS.

I also wanted to tell you all that I know two of the area 70 that were called!!!! Our very own President Calderwood from the Oakton Virginia Stake, AND! Drum roll please! PRESIDENT MISKIN!! Yes! My mission president's second counselor! And he is in my ward! No pressure everyone, I am just serving in an area 70's ward!!!!!

Okay time to go. Love you all and have a great week!

Sister Olsen

We had a very difficult day because it was rainy and cold and we got rejected probably 15 times (yes we usually talk to about 10-20 people a day). But at the end of the day we realized how much the Lord loves us for doing our best and we saw a rainbow! Yay!

I am now realizing that you can barely see the rainbow in this picture... it really was there okay! It's in both pictures.
We went to visit this part member family in our ward. They weren't interested in the gospel, but that didn't stop me from taking a selfie with their super majestic horse.

Last pday was flipping amazing because an Aldi opened in Yucaipa. My groceries cost me HALF as much as stupid Stater Bros.

 AND Sister Ashcraft had to pick up some medicine at a pharmacy in Redlands by Cafe Rio SO I GOT TO EAT A SWEET PORK BURRITO ENCAHALADADADA STYLE! Happiness!

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