Monday, December 28, 2015

Last email of 2015!!!!

Can you believe it?! I certainly can't! This is crazy! I think the craziest part is that I have been a missionary for most of this year.
What the heck! My life is flashing before my eyes!

On a more serious note, thank you to everyone for sending me Christmas cheer. Really though. I can't tell you how loved I have felt this past Christmas season. It has really meant a lot to me and has really helped me feel of Heavenly Father's love for me. I marked all of the scriptures you all sent me and took time to study all of them. I think only three were repeated (mom thought only one was repeated but I found two more duplicates. Three duplicated scriptures out of 71 is pretty amazing though!) Helaman 5:12 (my personal favorite scripture) Matthew 5:16 and Proverbs 3:5-6. First I would like to point out that all of these are scripture masteries so way to go everyone for paying attention in seminary. Also these are all scriptures that I really needed and had personal relevance to my life. Thank you all for your examples, prayers, and love. I surely need it!

This week has seriously been a blur. I know I say that most weeks, but this one was especially. We visited SO MANY PEOPLE. Holy cow sister Andersen and I were EXHAUSTED when we got home after Christmas. We literally wrapped up everything we had; Books of Mormon, pictures of Jesus, candy, MOTR DVDs; you name it we wrapped it. All day long we

just shared our testimonies with people. Let me tell you: it rocked. I was on such a spiritual high which is probably why I crashed so hard afterwards.

One of my favorite experiences of the day was caroling at the old folks home. We went with Sister Stalder (my MTC companion) and the new missionary she is training. We started singing in the hallway to three old ladies. Actually one was a member and the nurse didn't realize we were talking to her and started pushing her away in the wheelchair.

After about two feet the lady screamed, "NO! Those are my missionary girls!" The nurse was so embarrassed. It was cute. Anyway. We sang for about an hour straight and by the end the whole hallway was full of about 30 or so old people and they were all enjoying listening to us. I was so happy to see all these people and was really feeling good about myself. Right after we finished, everyone started walking into the room behind us. It was the cafeteria. Sooooo pretty much everyone was just waiting in line for lunch. Kind of funny, but we still enjoyed it. We had Christmas Eve dinner with the Miskins. President Miskin is president Van Cotts counselor. So that was fun to spend time with them. They really made us feel at home and loved.

Also something crazy happened this week. There was an emergency transfer and our district got split on Tuesday morning. Our new district leader was in the desert and he found out on Monday night that he was whitewashing a new area with a new missionary that came out with Sister Andersen. And that he was district leader and had to be at district meeting here the next morning. This was three days before Christmas. He came to district meeting 30 minutes late and looked super stressed. I felt bad for him. Glad I will never be district leader! Good news is I am the oldest person in my district.... Everyone else is 19. So I got that going for me. It's really weird.

Well the time has come. Love you all! Have a great week!


Sister Olsen

P.S. See you next year ;)

The final product of the scripture tree. I don't think you can even see green on it its so full of scriptures!

People in Yuciapa have some crazy Christmas decorations.....

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