Monday, December 14, 2015

Surprise Baptism

Guess what?!? 
Joshua and Jiselle got baptized this week so I got to go back to Fontana!!!! OH SHOOT I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT TO GET THE PICTURES. Dang it! I had to leave my iPad with my companion because it had the areabook in it so I had Sister Jensen (my ward mission leader's wife that took me to the baptism) take pictures on her phone and then she was going to air drop them to me.......oh well I will send them next week. But it was so weird to go back. It was so fun to see everyone though! I just love that ward with every fiber of my being :)

This week was great! I think...what even happened this week. Time is just flying by because we are so busy trying to get to know everyone and working so much and I just come home and crash and do it all over again! It's so awesome! I'm like a missionary machine! But really I don't even remember what happened this week.

Oh this is a good story. So we stopped in this bathroom in a community center. This 16 year old girl was in there with us and we started talking. It turns out that her two friends from school had just died in a car crash. We went into the sitting area in the community center and taught her the Plan of Salvation. She had a lot of questions. Of course she is 16 so we have to talk to her family before we can officially teach her, but it was cool to see the Lord place someone in our path.

Sister Anderson got her iPad this week and we went to a training meeting with all the new missionaries and the mission president. I always love receiving counsel from President Van Cott. He really is inspired and loves all of us.

Darn it! Already time to go. I have been thinking a lot about repentance lately. Mostly because for me, the hardest part is forgiving myself. It's so dumb because it's not even like I am doing anything "wrong" but I feel like I just mess up all the time. I guess we all feel that way... Anyway, I guess something I have learned this week that I can share with you is that it's okay to forgive yourself. Really Heavenly Father loves us so much and he sent his own son to take away all of those crummy things that don't make us feel good. If he doesn't want us hanging on to stuff like that, then there really isn't any use to hate ourselves when we make a small mistake. Just something I have been thinking about this week I felt I should share.

Love you all! I am seriously so happy that you 

are all happy! Have a great week and don't 

forget to share the gospel!


Sister Olsen

Making treat platters with Sister Elarbee

Caroling with the Activity Day Girls

A home lit up at night in Yucaipa

Picture of our zone

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