Monday, May 18, 2015

We are a team!!

I need to apologize again because I am sending another short email. I have been spending a lot of time emailing President Van Cott. He is so awesome! He is really helping me. I can do this!

On Saturday we went on exchanges. Sister Peterson and Sister Rivera are my STL's. I know for a fact that being an STL last transfer was completely inspired. I already kind of knew Sister Rivera because she was Sis Mags companion before me and I met her a few times, but going to MLC I got to see how the STL's are trained. I got to know these two sisters so I knew I could trust them. I personally prayed to know how I could help the Sisters I was over. I know how exchanges work from the other end so I knew exchanges was going to be a GOOD THING and that it was really going to help me.

Side note, I met Sister Peterson before the mission! Her cousin lived down the hall at Snow from me and she came and visited so I met her! Cool right? Both of these sisters are awesome. We are doing exchanges again so I will have to get a picture to you all.

Anyway, I went with Sister Peterson and Sister Rivera came here with Sister Hamblin. They saw two people that we are working with. Sister Rivera said that they were both upset when they saw her because they thought I left. People here love me! Yay! I'm doing something right!

I have learned a lot about agency this transfer. It's our choice to feel sad or happy. I just decided to lean on the Lord when I start to feel down. I am choosing to be happy.  

I have also realized that I am not alone. I have a great team. I have a ton of missionaries here that I can talk to and rely on. And I have a rockin team back home! Thank you all so much for all of your support and love! You are helping these people here too because you are helping me!

President Richie's letters are awesome. I read one a day. I am trying really hard to be a ZION missionary. And I am really proud of you guys. Reading your scriptures is SO IMPORTANT. Keep doing it everyday! It just makes you feel so much better :)

I love all of you! So much!


Sister Stalder is in my zone now and we wore the same skirt to zone meeting. I just really love her :)

This week for service we built this little girl's doll house. Don't worry this picture was just taken at a really awkward angle and I'm like bending over so I look super fat. It's fine.
Here's a picture of a really REALLY nice park in Fontana. Palm trees and Cali flag included ;)
This is my desk this transfer. Don't worry dad, I always remember every morning to tell them Hot Rod sent me

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