Monday, June 1, 2015

It's hot here!!

Hi Mom! I love you. Hi Dad! Hello siblings! 

And everyone!

This week was better! My Sister Training Leaders are so flipping awesome. They have helped me so so so much.

We had a mission conference this week AND I GOT TO SEE SISTER MAGLEBY! Ugh! I just love that woman! What a wonderful daughter of God. I should have taken a picture! Rats.

Anyway the conference was about IPADS! A 

general authority who's last name I cannot 

spell (it was something like Schwarzenegger..) came and told us all about them! We will be getting them in a couple of weeks. Stay tunned :) He said a ton of great stuff. He talked about how we are not an IPad mission, just like we aren't a pen mission or a car mission. Pens and cars are tools that we use. An IPad is nothing more than a tool. We are learning how to master technology and make it our slave, not the other way around. It's so cool.

We had stake conference this week! So I got to
go to Yucaipa Stake Conference and Fontana Stake Conference! Supa cool. I talked to President Van Cott. He told me that he talked to a lot of the ward members and they all said good things about us. It has taken pretty much the whole transfer, but we have gained the trust of the ward. President thanked us for the good job we are doing. That made me feel good.

We have been teaching the Relief Society 
President the member lesson and it has gone BEAUTIFULLY. On Saturday Sister Peterson and I visited her and she got so emotional and told us how grateful she was for us. She told us how much it means to her that we are working so hard to take care of the ward. So she was crying and then I was crying and it was just great. I love Sister Stacey. It feels so good to know that what I am doing is making a difference.

We have met with Juan almost every day this week! He is doing awesome! The spirit is always so strong when we teach him it's crazy! He has told me several times that I am here for him and he's always calling me Olsen and talking about how I am his missionary. What's so cool though is that it's not about me at all. Juan is getting baptized on June 11th. I can't tell you how humbling it has been for me to just be an instrument in His hands. It's not me at all. There is no way that awkward, clumsy Shlee can bring the spirit the way I feel it when I teach. It's all 110% Him.

I am learning so much. Something was 

reiterated to me this transfer from my first 

semester at USU. Hard thing STINK. But,they

are so so temporary. At the end of them, all 

we can remember is just that it stinked, 

but the result is so great. I am a totally different person. I have learned that I actually have patience and I am kind. I really am! Weird right??? I am stretching and growing and learning to prepare myself for the next phase in life and I'm helping people along the way. It just feels GOOD. There is nothing really more to be said.

Love you all! Thank everyone for the birthday 
wishes! I didn't have time to respond to all of them! Love you all to the moon and back!

Love, Ashlee

It's hot here!!

Fist bump

Fontana should really be called "CAT-tana." It is literally infested with cats.

Thank you for the package! It was much needed :)
These are my wonderful Sister Training leaders. Sister Rivera is next to me and Sister Peterson is the blonde one. They have helped me SO MUCH. Sister Peterson and I met in the preexistance I'm pretty sure- new BFF

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