Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You

So much has happened! I'm so glad that I get 
to call home on Sunday and tell you about it 
because I only have 15 minutes and I don't 
think I will be able to get it all in! 

Okay so Tuesday was my last day in Banning. 
Something that was really cool was the last 
people I visited were the Belcher's. It was 
really weird because they were also the first 
people that we visited when I got to Banning.

The Dream Team.
I miss her. So. Much.

Of course I got a little teary eyed when I said 
goodbye to Sister Magleby at the transfer 
meeting. She is staying in Banning this 
transfer with Sister Bullen. After this transfer 
she will have been in Banning for 6 months! 

Do you remember my MTC companion Sister 

Stalder? Well I was her STL last transfer. Oh 
yeah I forgot to mention that I am not a STL 
this transfer. Anyway. Sister Stalder is also in 
Fontana. She is in my zone. I drove Sister 
Stalder and her companion Sister Landgren to their apartment. Poor Sister Stalder just can't get rid of me!

So we don't actually live in our area. We live 
in Rialto which is about 10 miles away from 
our area. We live with two hermanas- 
Jimenez and Wright. Hermana Jimenez is 
training Hermana Wright. Hermana Wright 
is going home the same time I am! They are both so cute! I love being their roomie :)

Okay I am pretty much out of time, but before I go I want to tell you about two miracles that happened this week. First, we got a new investigator the second day I got here. His name is Juan. The former Stake President (President Sears) is in our ward and he called us right after I got here and told us that his friend Juan wants to take the lessons. Juan is 32 years old AND HE IS AWESOME! He seriously has the most real intent and sincere desire out of anyone I have ever seen! We meet with him every other day. Last night he told me that he knew I was sent to Fontana to teach him. In his closing prayer he said that he was so grateful Sister Hamblin and I took time to meet with him and that it meant everything to him. WHY IS HEAVENLY FATHER JUST BLESSING ME SO MUCH I DON'T EVEN GET IT! I'm just this teen-aged girl trying to figure out who I am and what Heavenly Father wants me to do! And he's just like well Sister Olsen here is Juan! And Juan is golden!  I seriously just feel so humbled. Heavenly Father could totally come down and teach Juan. He doesn't even need me. But for some reason he is trusting me. Please just pray that I don't mess up.  I'm really worried that I will screw up the lessons. And really just all the lessons with everyone. I study and pray really hard everyday. Even though I'm killer nervous, I still have faith that Heavenly Father is going to help me and tell me what I need to say and do. All is well :)

Second miracle. We had met all of the 

neighbors of the kid in our ward that was 

getting baptized and invited all of them and 

had his mom invite all of them to hisbaptism. 

So basically all morning I was just praying 

that one of them would show up so we 

wouldn't have to awkwardly leave if they 

weren't there. And like 5 of their neighbors 

came. We got to sit with them and it was 

really cool.

We spend a lot of time walking.  I actually really like walking. We have had some awesome conversations with people on the street. And we have TWO TARGETS now! YAY!!!!! What a blessing!

Well it's time to sign off. I don't want you to 

worry about me. The first couple of days here 

were hard, but I have had a positive attitude. I have just tried really hard to love everyone and be really happy and talkative to everyone around me. My new companion Sister Hamblin is helping me a lot. I know I have TONS to learn from her. Even though I'm crazy stressed and did my fair share of crying last week when I left Banning, somehow I'm still happy. Heavenly Father is seriously blessing me so much with this incredible peaceful feeling. I know that I am here for a reason. This is where He needs me. You can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to get this ward PUMPED and get this area moving! I am SO EXCITED!

I love all of you! I'm SO EXCITED TO TALK 

TO YOU ON SUNDAY! I don't really know 

how that's happening...so stay by your 

phones :)


Love, Ashlee

This is the dinosaur from Peewee's big adventure. He couldn't quite grasp the Book of Mormon...

Saying goodbye to Monique and her family.

Saying goodbye to Sister Lee. I just love this woman with all my heart!!

Here is our wall of quotes. You probably won't get any of them because they are mostly inside jokes...
And here are the Miller's.  I just love this family so much. You really do grow to love people when you serve with them.

This is my new companion Sister Hamblin. We have like 5 7-11's in our area so that's a blessing. I'm probably going to get slurpees like every other day.

And the moment you have all been waiting for! North Fontana.

Also. There is an entrance to I-15 in our area. So I'm pretty sure if I took this road I could get to gma's in like 10 hours.

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