Monday, April 18, 2016

Another week in the Promised Land

Alright so Sister Osborne and I are basically best friends by this point. She is seriously such an awesome missionary. It doesn't even feel like I am her trainer. She is just awesome. So there's that. The other day though I told her that and she said that I was supposed to be her trainer and that she really needed me. That made me feel really good. It reminded me of how I feel about Sister Magleby.

My brain doesn't even feel like it's in my head right now. I forgot how difficult it is to not know an area and try to do missionary work. Everything that we do is about people. When you don't know the people, it makes it a little difficult. So we have just been meeting as many people as possible right now and trying to get to know them at lightning speed. So far so good. We sent out an email to the whole ward with our picture and some information about us. We also bore our testimonies on Sunday so the ward knows us. It's just a matter of time before we know the ward.

Can I just say how much I love the temple? It is seriously such a blessing to see it everyday. I love how the temple makes me feel. I think a lot of people see it, but I wish everyone would just take a minute out of their day to walk on the temple grounds. I know a lot more people would be interested in taking the missionary lessons and coming to church if they did that. Whenever I have doubts or questions or anything I just think about how I feel at the temple. I have never felt so at peace or at home. I know it is the house of the Lord and he wants all of us to be there. There is nothing more important to me then getting married in the temple and having my own family for time and all eternity.

I have to go. I spent too much time replying to emails so this will be short, but I will share one miracle moment of the week.

So this one time Sister Magleby prayerfully planned what time she was going to go to the gas station. She told Heavenly Father what pump she was going to be at and prayed that someone prepared would be there that would be baptized. She promised that she would talk to everyone she saw to find the prepared person. She did that, and 6 weeks later Carl was baptized.

Sooooo I totally copied her. After several very awkward encounters and rejections we met Terronae. She was wearing this super cute dress so we just started out with a compliment. Before we knew it, we were talking about the temple and she said her mom actually had a ton of questions about it and they both would want to walk around the temple grounds with us. Sooooooo that was really awesome.

There is something very powerful about making promises with Heavenly Father through prayer.  The only thing that stops Him from pouring out blessings to us is our own choices. As long as we are doing our best and doing what He would want us to do, He will bless us beyond all human comprehension. I know that's true.
I am so grateful that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so that we could have the priesthood and temples. I love all of you! Have a great week!
Your missionary,
Sister Olsen

It's fine. I just get to see the temple like 6 times a day. No big deal.

This is the building I am emailing from right now. Redlands is the coolest!

Half the members here own orange groves and give us millions of oranges. I have started making orange juice and it is the most delicious nectar the tongue has ever tasted. Literally all I do is squeeze the oranges and drain the pulp. I will never be able to eat normal oranges again.

This is Sister Fife (curly hair) and Sister Bates (red shirt). They are my totally awesome roommates that I love with all my heart! Sister Fife was trained my Sister Magleby too.

The pine cones in Forrest falls are bigger than my head!

These are so delicious and everyone needs to eat them.

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