Monday, February 1, 2016

I feel crazy.

This week has been CRAZY! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaliyah got baptized this week! Yay!  President Miskin in our ward (President Van Cott's first counselor) helped us a lot. He is the Williams' home teacher so he gave a talk at the baptism and it was wonderful. We also had the activity day girls sing which was awesome. Sister Anderson and I stood at the top of the stairs to help Aaliyah get out of the font after she was baptized. She looked so happy! It was so sweet.

Kierra got baptized as well. She is the daughter of Misty whom we are also working with. Kierra is probably the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. We have grown pretty close. Her mom told me at the baptism something Kierra said about me before they got there that was really sweet and made me feel pretty good. There are people here in Yucaipa that I really like a lot.

Sister Anderson and I taught the Message of the Restoration while we were waiting for everyone to get changed. We had the talk portion of the baptism in the chapel because there were so many people and our stake center is kind of small. I had never taught the Restoration in the Chapel before. That was a pretty awesome experience. may have cried when I talked about the first vision... I just really felt the Spirit. And I knew that Heavenly Father really was pleased with me because he knows I am trying my best. Some things are just out of my control and that's okay. I just do what I can and he makes up for the rest.

One of our investigators came to the baptism! She actually called us right after because she went with her daughter to the store to get her some new church clothes. That was really cute. I love that little family.

This week has been a wonderful time for me because I have recognized a lot of answers to my prayers. On your mission you learn a lot about who you are. Being in Yucaipa has really been hard for me because I have been put in a lot of challenging situations. This one morning I was really praying and looked up and saw that picture that mom sent me from President Uctdorf's talk- the one of the pioneer girl skipping. I decided there are just so many reasons to be happy. It's so important to think about those things. I have also been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot and thinking about my future and what is in store for me. I was doing something dumb and comparing myself to other missionaries and thinking about how my mission hasn't been as "successful" as others' or whatever. But I have been really feeling that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. Everything I am experiencing now is to prepare me for something great. My mission is just a tiny part of my life. Whatever is after this is even bigger and greater. Not like I am going to be president or anything....... I just really feel that I am loved. There is a plan for me. It is personal. Whatever is going on right now is to help me for what's going on later. That brings me a lot of peace and I think that's what makes this life worth it.

So there is my cheesy two cents for the week. Love you mom and dad! And Taylor and Tara and Dannon! And Bailey (if he is even still alive)! And everyone else!
Have a great week.

Your missionary, 
Sister Olsen

A little pool side planning! Hope that doesn't make all you East Coasters jealous!!
Sister Anderson and I with Kierra at her baptism.

Pictures from Aaliyah and Kierra's baptism

This is Aaliyah. She is so stinking cute and I just lover her to pieces. Yes I am wearing my Christmas skirt.

More pictures from the baptism.

We caved!!!!!

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