Monday, February 29, 2016

Bishop Palmer

Yes! It's true! 
Yesterday our bishop got released and now we have Bishop Palmer! (he is the father of the family we are living with). THIS IS SO COOL! I'm seriously so elated right now I cannot even express it in this email. And what's better is he is super on fire. He bore his testimony yesterday for the first time as bishop about missionary work. It's awesome. I'm so happy. 

Our sweet investigator didn't come to church this week. She is still doing really good though. We saw her on Saturday night. Her countenance has changed. Her kids are happy. I love the gospel!

We basically got the greatest member referral ever
 this week. One of our members was talking to her friend who was telling this member how she feels something missing in her life. So our member was a rock star and said she should come to church. Her friend came to church yesterday and loved it. She talked to us for like 20 minutes about how she wants to be baptized so that rocked!

We got another member referral because another rock star member was riding her bike and saw a lady that needed help. She went over and helped her. Since his lady is on the member's regular bike trail, she made friends with her. She needed some weeds pulled so we are going over there with the young women and doing that for her.

We have really been working on helping members with their missionary work this week. I was pretty happy because looking back to when I first got here we only had one investigator. Since then we have had a baptism and we have two families and one single guy we are teaching. The baptism was from a part member family and one family and the single man are from member referrals. So I'm pretty happy. But I know the reason it's happening is because we have been fasting and praying for our members. We have become their friends and their cheerleaders for their own missionary work.

I wish I would have done this better in other areas I have served in. I've always been really close with all the members, and I made some dear friends, but I had a different attitude about member missionary work. Now it's different. Now it's exciting! Helping and serving the members makes my mission more fun. It's awesome.

I just love missionary work. But it has to be done in the Lord's way. Nothing works if you try to do everything yourself (I learned that the hard way). He has a plan. He loves us. There is nothing more rewarding and nothing that can bring more happiness then sharing the gospel with others.

Have a great week! Love you all! Thank you for all of your support. I feel it with me every day when I am out on the street. I feel my team of angels behind me and I know it's from all of you.

Sister Ashlee Olsen
California Redlands Mission

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