Monday, April 20, 2015

Three whole months????

Well I guess I technically hit 3 months tomorrow, but still! That's 1/6 of my whole mission! It feels like time is flying! Well not all the time... but looking back as a whole is weird.

Let's talk about funny things; things I never thought I would do on my mission first. Remember the pictures of the camel and donkey? Well apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex-wife lives in that neighborhood. I couldn't remember if I told you that already, but I thought you would enjoy that.

Also. Last week we went to Wienerschitzel to get a corn dog and the lady that took my order was like in awe of us. She wanted to know if we were nuns so I told her we were missionaries for the church and gave my schpeal and she was like oooo-ing and aw-ing. Then when she gave me my order she handed me my tray, then proceeded to bow and say "my lady". It was really quite hilarious.

Abe Lincoln's head was pretty awesome. There's something I never thought I would see on my mission.

Here's something that I also thought would never happen on my mission- all of the pictures on my camera got erased. Good thing I have been sending you most of them, but I had some REALLY cool pictures of Idlywild this week. Also I got to go to Redlands on exchanges and had Chick-fil-a and slurpees for the first time since I was home and they all got erased. Luckily Sis Mags took some pics at Idlywild. But all the pictures she had of me are really gross soo....I apologize for that. I don't really look like a representative of Jesus Christ in some of those pics. At least we still have Abe's head. That's what is really important.

But I really hope you are all saving my pictures because this could probably happen again in the future. Luckily we are getting IPads in a few months.

The work in Banning is really moving forward. We have a ton of AMAZING potential investigators. This week Sis. Mags and I are planning on inviting a lot of people to take the lessons, so I am pretty excited about that. We plan on having a lot of new investigators by the time the transfer ends- WHICH IS NEXT WEEK.

Oh and yes; we should address this. I only have one more week of training! This is my last greenie week! After the end of this transfer I will cease to be a padewon and become a full on Jedi Knight!

Anyway like I said, the members here in Banning are really helping us. And we are really connecting with people. I love it; it's awesome.

This week the Valencia family really outdid themselves. The Valencia's are a rockin' family in our ward. They went out of their way to pick up a less active girl for activity days and church this week without us even asking. What awesome member missionaries. I hope you are helping out the missionaries back home.

We had a really good lesson on Friday night with one of our investigators. She texted us right before church started and said she was putting on shoes and brushing teeth, but then didn't come. I've just decided I need to respect her agency and love her to death. Don't give up, but don't get discouraged.

Another neat lady we are working with came to church, too! We didn't expect her to come at all! She is this really sweet lady. I need to take a picture with her; she is just darling.

Well, that's about it for this week! When we were sitting in church I was quite discouraged because our investigator wasn't there, but I read the lyrics to "How Firm A Foundation" and it gave me a lot of comfort:
"Fear not, I am with thee; oh be not dismayed. For I am thy God and will still give thee aid. I'll strengthen thee, help thee and cause thee to stand. Upheld by my righteous, Omnipotent hand."

The church is true, I love you all and I am happy!



We went to this referral up on the bench and it was this giant house. Too bad the house was completely empty.... so we took a selfie.

No one's home! Or lives here!

This is Idlywild. It's the furthest place in our area so we had never gone before, but it's gorgeous! We went up there to deliver some birthday cards.
There was a lot of cool, random stuff up there in Idlywild. The whole time we were singing Jessica's theme because it looked like Man From Snowy River country! SO cool! Here's an Idlywild selfie.

Here's a picture of a giant statue of Abe Lincolns head we found while we were in Idlywild. Did I mention "random stuff?"

One more Idylwild selfie.

Okay. This is the last one. Promise.
This is Freattie. We love Freattie! He's actually a super funny really cool dude. We named that huge plant Paul.

This is Sister Schroth. I think I've sent a picture of her before. I absolutley love this woman! She is the president of the Quilters Guild. It's pretty awesome. All the cool ladies in Banning and Beaumont go. We go and help with it sometimes.

These are some of my favorite Young Women! L-R. Michelle Moreno, Madison  Westbrook, and Emily Moreno.  I absolutely adore them! Some of the greatest member missionaries I know!

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