Monday, March 23, 2015

Two Months and Counting!

Well hello there!

Welcome to the second week of my second transfer. Also we have crossed the two month threshold! Hallelujah.

This week I never thought I would have two investigators at activity days. Yup. My only two progressing investigators are Kaitlyn and Natalie now. We are still working with the other ones, they just are "not progressing" because they aren't keeping commitments.
Kaitlyn and Natalie came to activity day this week! YAY!

We haven't seen Monique in a whole week and I am really worried about her. Her brother Roman was a convert, but now he is less active, so Monique is really afraid that that will happen to her. On top of that sincere things just keep popping up that are keeping us from seeing her. She has to keep taking her grandma to the hospital. Stuff like that. Please pray for her. I seriously cannot describe to you how much I love this family. IT'S SO WEIRD. I just want them to have the blessings of the gospel so bad! And Monique definitely knows it's true. She bears testimony to us all the time and the spirit is so evident whenever we teach her. This is just more proof that Satan tries everything in his power to make sure we don't progress. 

Have I told you about the Morenos? Lisa Moreno was a less active. She was recently reactivated and her two daughters- Michelle (16) and Emily (14) got baptized last fall. THEY ARE ON FIRE. I need to take a picture with them because I love them so much. They take such good care of us. Sometimes it's hard because we can't be there for more than hour for lessons and they just love us so much and want us to stay. It's hilarious. We always have to interrupt and leave so we can go to other appointments and work hard and what not. I need to send a picture because I basically love them to death. We are teaching them the new member lessons. We taught them the law of chastity and it was AWESOME! The whole time these girls were bearing testimony about how much commandments have helped them in their lives. That they are not restrictions like people think, but they are freeing. Sister Moreno was crying; her family has come so much closer together by living the gospel than ever before.

Since they are truly converted, they want all of their family to feel these blessings, too. We have gotten so many referrals from them! This past week we taught a lesson with Yolanda, Sister Moreno's aunt. Yolanda's daughter- Cindee was there too. And Yolanda's brother- Richard. And Cindee's three daughters- Bree(22), Michelle (19), and Alyssa (16). And her son- David. And his girlfriend- Tianna. And Bree's baby son- Jason. Yeah I was sweating bullets. We pretty much taught a class. But they are all so prepared! They were all asking amazing questions. We have only met with them twice, but they keep telling us how much they love us and how they want to read the Book of Mormon and learn more AND IT'S AMAZING. And what's even weirder is I already love them. Yup. There's just a plethora of love when you are a missionary. It's super weird, yet cool.

I got a huge kick in the pants at church yesterday. I keep freaking out because I just want everyone to love me and I feel so inadequate as a missionary. And this week I have just felt super stressed in general. In sacrament meeting I was looking around at all of these families and I realized something. I just need to get over myself. All of these people need me. As a missionary, I need to make sure that all of these people know how much I care about them and that I am here to serve them. It's about making other people feel comfortable and helping others come closer to Christ. And honestly it's super tiring. It's exhausting to be constantly thinking about other people and not yourself! Being selfless is hard, and it's taking a lot of work, but I am honestly learning so much from it.

I want to share 1 Nephi 8:8 today. It's Lehi's dream. In the dream he "traveled for the space of many hours in darkness" AND THEN "he began to pray unto the Lord that he would have mercy on him". We all do this. We wander in the darkness for so long before we ask Heavenly Father for help. DON'T WAIT. Pray now! You don't have to be in the dark by yourself.

I love you all and pray for you every night. Be safe, and remember to pray:)

Sister Shlee

This is Sister Vickers. She is really funny. She is the member that took us on an excursion last week that pretty much took up our whole pday. We don't have a Cafe Rio in Banning so she took us to Redlands! What a dear.

This is my Cafe Rio. I GOT HORCHATA!!!!
CA sunrise.....

...wait just kidding. That was during a weird storm. THIS is the CA sunrise.

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