Monday, February 23, 2015


Hi family and friends!

WELL I DID IT! On Saturday I hit my official one month mark! Hip hip horray! It feels so good to have a little bit of time under my belt. All of the missionaries in my zone have been out for at least a year-well except Sister Magleby, but she's halfway done. Anyway feeling new is kind of hard, but at the same time I love it because I have a lot of time and missionary experiences to look forward to!

Alright I guess I'll start off with a quick story that might scare you a little bit, but personally I think it's hilarious. Thursday was super pretty outside and so we thought we would go over to a park to do our weekly planning. There was a whole bunch of kids and moms there so we thought it was fine, but pretty soon all these sketchy teenagers and young adults started coming to the park. Then before we knew it they were all yelling " EAST SIDE" "WEST SIDE" soooo me and Sister Magleby made like a tree and leafed. We almost witnessed a gang fight. But don't worry because we are safe and it was just a funny thing that happened. We got a good laugh out of it. Good old Banning.

OH MY GOSH MOM I ATE THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD THIS WEEK. There is a Filipino family in our ward named the Lagazo's. She is an AMAZING cook! She basically fed us this delicious feast and I was soooo happy. Tara will get a kick out of this next part- they started talking about Balut. Do you remember that Rhett and Link episode where they ate balut? Yeah that's all I was thinking about. Apparently it's a huge delicacy in the Philippines and they make all the missionaries eat it... Luckily they didn't have any then, but they sound pretty determined for us to try it.. I'll let you know.

Alright so I think I have talked about Monique and Natalie before, but I don't know if I have explained the whole story. Monique lives in the nice part of Banning with her mom and grandma and she has three kids. Sister Magleby and the Sister before me found her and apparently it was quite the miracle. We have been giving Monique and her 9 year-old daughter Natalie lessons. Oh my gosh they are so prepared! They totally get everything and I just want it for them so bad!!! They just really need the Gospel!!!! It's been super hard getting them to church.  Yesterday Natalie broke her arm so they couldn't come. But they know like half of the people in the ward because Monique grew up here. Isn't that awesome???? Please pray for them. Satan is working superrrr hard on their family right now. Ugh I hate Satan. He's so annoying.

Oh lol I forgot to tell you I gave a talk in Church yesterday. I just talked about missionary work. I didn't have anything to record it on... but I will send you my notes! Everyone said I did a good job, but people always say that, sooo... One of the Zone leaders in my district shook my hand after and said I did really good, so that was nice. The missionaries in my district are really great missionaries. They're just super nice people.

Last night we had dinner with the Westbrooke family AND THEY ARE AWESOME. They have 5 kids and their oldest is 16. Madi-she's 14- is such an awesome little missionary! She brought a friend who isn't a member, but has less active parents. She wants to take lessons from us! We watched the "Because of Him" Mormon message and the "Come unto Christ" mutual theme for 2014 music video. Taylor, Tara, and Dannon need to watch that. I loved it. We just talked about the importance of Christ in our lives and the spirit was there so strong. Eating dinner in member's homes is seriously the best. After you have been out all day in the lone and dreary world, walking into a home that has the spirit present feels so good. Having a worthy priesthood member in your home makes such a difference. I think I totally took advantage of it when I lived at home. I even noticed a difference at USU when I was living with all girls. Tay Tay, Tara, and ManDan- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LIVING AT HOME! The spirit is so strong in our home and I miss it so much! Remember when that family bought our house in Virginia and said something about all the love she felt and that's one of the reasons why they wanted to buy our house? That's because the Holy Ghost was there.

Alright I guess I will leave you with a spiritual thought. I have to do an hour of training everyday in addition to my other studies. Yesterday, Sister Magleby and I were reading in Alma when Ammon astonishes King Lamoni. When we were reading about everything that Ammon taught him something totally hit me. There are missionaries in the Book of Mormon! I honestly feel so dumb not knowing this before now. I feel like I have never really understood the Book of Mormon even though I have read it before. Now I read it and study it every day and I can't get enough of it!!!!!

So when we were reading Alma 18 it totally hit me. Missionary work is really God's work. It has been since before Christ was even on the earth. How cool is that?!? And honestly, Heavenly Father doesn't even need missionaries. If he wanted he could come down and do it all himself. But he lets people like me do it!!! I seriously feel so blessed and basically awesome because I can be just like Ammon.

Wow..I'm such a geek...

Anyway-the church is true! Heavenly Father loves all of his children-even the ones that lived centuries and ages ago!!! This is just a huge testimony to me that this really is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

You're all awesome. Go read about Ammon cutting a whole bunch of arms off then rendering Lamoni speechless. I hope it gets you as pumped as it got me!  


Love, Sister Shlee.


Thank you so much for the valentine!! I love it!!! Also I am wearing a random skirt someone left in the closet so that's pretty cool I guess....

This is Precious the Pomeranian. I thought Dad would like this picture....

This one is kind of blurry. This is my first investigator to come to church! Yay! Her name is Kaitlyn and she is nine. This is also the day I gave my talk.

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